Share Your Story

Thank you for the work you have done at your school to bring the oath and its concepts to your campus. Please answer the following questions to help us best highlight your school on our website. Please complete the following to tell us what you did. Please also email your logo (as a high resolution graphic) and any resources you are able to share to

Why: Please help us understand the context in which you brought the oath to your school. Tell us in 200 words or less a bit about why your school or you as a group of individuals decided to bring the oath to your school. Please include anything you think is relevant about the timing, the political/economic situation, your school’s needs, specialties, or culture.

What: Please tell us in 100 words or less what you did. (Did you start an oath club? Did you institute a class based on the oath? Did you include the oath ceremony in your graduation? etc.)

How: Please help us understand more about your process. Please tell us in 150 words or less how you went about building what you did?

Lessons Learned & Best Practices: Please share anything you learned in your process that would be helpful for others hoping to create similar programs.

Memorable Quotes & Moments: Please include any thoughts and quotes from key individuals involved in your effort. Please also send any photos or video related to your efforts to be highlighted on our website to Please also include a name and an email or phone number so we can forward a release for those individuals to have their words included on our website.

Resources: If you have created any forms or tools that you’d be willing to share with other schools or individuals please send them to and let us know if you’d prefer for them to only be shared as examples or if you are OK with them being shared as usable tools.

Thank you for sharing your story. We are looking forward to highlighting your school on our webpage.