The process for brining the oath to a school will vary depending on the size, location, timing, and overall culture; however, the following basic outline will at least give you a place to start.

  • Get a feel for the movement and its history—read through the website and take a look at the resources provided.
  • Get connected—sign up for our newsletter, like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, and check out our DailyFeats page.
  • Request a toolkit—email or call The Oath Project and let us know you’re interested in bringing the oath to your school and we’ll send you a toolkit of resources and tools to help guide you.
  • Build a team—talk to friends, colleagues, professors, and other key stakeholders at your school and build a small team to help you begin the process.
  • Hear what others have done—join one of our conference calls, read about what other schools have done, or get connected with previous leaders to get a feel for best practices and lessons learned.
  • Create an “education and innovation” campaign—take an inventory of what’s already happening at your school and brainstorm ways to bring the oath to your unique environment (our toolkit gives you a number of suggestions and tools to help).
  • Plan a signing ceremony—our toolkit will help you figure out the details but most schools find having a public forum in conjunction with an educational event or graduation ceremony works best.
  • Order signing materials—work with our team to design and order the official sanctioned copy of an oath signing board and individual copies with your school logo.
  • Connect your school’s efforts to the bigger movement—help signers understand that they are helping to build a movement and joining a larger professional community of like-minded leaders.
  • Capture the data—be sure to capture full name and at least emails of all of the signers so your records are accurate and so that you can connect with them after the ceremony. Be sure to email us the list of signer’s information or add them individually on our website.
  • Highlight your school—share your school’s story and photos of the events through the Oath Project’s marketing channels.
  • Continue the Oath at Your School—make sure the movement doesn’t end when you graduate.

Contact us at anytime if you need ideas, support, or just to share how great it’s going!