“Managers have a large impact on the ethical or unethical conduct of their employees.”

Founding Board Member of The Oath Project As Dean of Harvard Business School, I am privileged to meet amazing business leaders all over the world. Nearly every businessperson I meet inspires me. They are good people—committed to creating value through their businesses, bringing products and services

Executive Director, The Oath Project At first thought you probably don’t immediately associate “corporate responsibility”, “sustainability”, or really even “business ethics” with the software industry; and you don’t likely expect a software company to be at the forefront of green building, electric car charging stations, fully compostable
“So you signed The Oath…Now What?”

Director, Giving Voice To Values, Babson College Signing The Oath may have felt like a no-brainer. You have always seen yourself as a values-driven leader in whatever you have undertaken and this was just one more way to go .
Arison Group proves Doing Good is Good Business

Executive Director, The Oath Project Each month in the “Monthly Moment” we will be highlighting a company that we feel is truly living the tenents of the oath. I have to admit, I was nervous when I had this idea. Would I be able to find enough

“My purpose is to lead people and manage resources to create value that no single individual can create alone”

President Thunderbird School of Global Management If the purpose of medicine is to improve health, and of law, justice, what is the purpose of management? I have asked this question to hundreds of MBA students for the last decade and the responses don’t cease to surprise
Should Managers Have a Green Hippocratic Oath?

The following is reposted with permission from two of the founding Oath Project Members  is an associate professor of business administration in the organizational behavior area at Harvard Business School.