The Global Business Leader Oath

Thanks for your interest in helping to change the management profession. You and thousands of others are making business better. The Oath represents a personal commitment to lead with purpose, act with integrity, and understand the reach, power, and responsibility of business. By committing to what it represents you are joining thousands of other dedicated leaders—at various stages of their careers—who are changing the face of business one decision at a time.

The Oath Project is an alliance of dozens of schools and organizations who believe deeply that making a public commitment with an Oath helps move us in the direction of business as a ‘profession.’ Does signing an oath make people more ethical – or transform the world – right away?

Of course not.

But it’s the start of an important world-wide conversation about the purpose of business, and whether we should aim to serve the public good.

If you would like to help organize your company or your school to sign together please contact us here. But, if you’re ready to make the personal commitment to work toward the day when all business leaders hold themselves to a higher standard, then sign the oath today.