Support The Movement

Thanks for your interest in helping to change the management profession. You and thousands of others are making business better! There are a number of ways that you can share your support—as an individual, a professional, an alumni, and as a representative within your organization.

Sign the Oath. The Oath represents a personal commitment to lead with purpose, act with integrity, and understand the reach, power, and responsibility of business. By committing to what it represents you are joining thousands of other dedicated leaders changing the face of business one decision at a time. You can sign the oath as an individual here or contact us here for more information about bringing the oath to your school or organization more formally.

Host an Oath Workshop. The Oath represents a personal commitment to lead with purpose, act with integrity, and understand the reach, power, and responsibility of business, BUT a lot of people need to do more than just read it in order to really understand the values and actions it represents. We have a number of workshops that help individuals and groups explore what it looks like to live the values of the oath in their professional lives and to voice those values inside and outside of the workplace. We work with faculty, student groups, executive education, leadership development programs and conferences to offer interactive, informative and inspirational workshops varying in length. Contact us to learn more or to include us in your next event.

Be an Oath Global Fellow. Sometimes the best way to really learn about something is to share it with others! Our Oath Project Global Fellowship allows you to do both–learn more about why you want to live up to the values of the oath and to also share the movement with others. These fellowships vary in length and commitment, but all center on building a community of like-minded professionals committed to building better business through a personalized experience that matches your interests, location, and career path. Contact us to learn more.

Tell us what inspires you. We are all inspired by different things and have different reasons for making this personal level commitment. Part of what is helping to create a movement surrounding this individual level action is the unique reasons, stories, and results related to the oath. Please share your individual inspiration on our Facebook page, via twitter (#oath, @theoathproject), or on our DailyFeats platform. If you have been a part of bringing the oath to your school or place of business please Share Your Story here so we can highlight the great work you’ve done.

Be a part of our CGI (Clinton Global Initiative) Commitment. Each CGI member creates a Commitment to Action – a concrete plan to address a major global challenge. Commitments can be small or large, global or local. A multinational corporation might pledge to reduce its packaging – saving money while reducing waste. A nonprofit might seek to expand an effective program into new geographies. No matter their size or scope, commitments help CGI members translate practical goals into meaningful and measurable results. CGI works with each member to develop an achievable plan, and members report back on the progress they make over time. Our commitment centers on both reaching more leaders with the oath and making it mean something. You can help support our commitment to reach a million managers as an individual or as a founding corporate partner. For more information please contact us here.

Sign up for our Monthly Moment. The Oath Project sends out a monthly e-newsletter to highlight the work individuals, academic institutions, and organizations are doing surrounding the oath; share the stories of how people are living the oath; and give you a simple, consistent way to pause and reflect on your commitment at least for a moment, each month. Sign up via the “subscribe button” on these pages and be sure to encourage your friends, colleagues, and classmates to do the same.

Encourage Your School or Alma Mata to Get Involved. There are a number of ways academic institutions can get involved in the movement—from full curriculum change projects to integration of the oath during graduation or recruitment programs or involvement in our Giving Voice to Values pilot. Let your administration know that responsible business is more than just a fad and that the oath is a way to make the commitments more tangible for students, faculty, and the school as a whole. The Oath Project has teamed up with Mary Gentile to develop and pilot a seminar adaption of the curriculum to be implemented in conjunction with the oath to foster deeper discussion and integration of the oath while providing tangible skills for how to act on its principles in the business school space and beyond. To learn more or become a part of the pilot contact us here.

Display the Oath in Your Office. Order an official copy of the oath to hang in your office to help you remember why you signed it. If you are signing as part of a school or organization you can also order a signing board for everyone to sign together and are able to include your school or company logo, as well.

Share Your Commitment with Others. Once you sign the Oath please let others know so they can do the same. Consider posting it on your Facebook page, tweeting about it, sharing it on DailyFeats, or adding it to your email signature.

Learn Practical Tools for Speaking up. Pick up a copy of Mary Gentile’s Giving Voice to Values: How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right and become empowered with the skills to voice and act on the tenants of the oath and align your professional path with your principles. The book is inspired by a curriculum Gentile launched at the Aspen Institute with Yale School of Management, now housed at Babson College, with pilot programs in over 140 schools and organizations on five continents.