The Oath Project was founded to change the way business leaders, the academic institutions that prepare them, and the organizations they serve, think about the true responsibilities and reach of management. Using a “Hippocratic oath for business” as a foundation for transformational change, The Oath Project aims to provide the tools necessary to integrate the concepts of professional conduct and social responsibility into the culture, core values, and day-to-day operations of both academic institutions and corporations.
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The Oath Project’s strategy leverages the resources and expertise of our supporters in three main areas:

Academic (focused on both student engagement and institutional buy-in)
Professional (individual managers and organizational buy-in)
Public Awareness (helping to build awareness and encourage conversations surrounding the responsibility and reach of both business and business leaders)
Armed with the support and expertise of the leading individuals and organizations from both business and academia, The Oath Project serves as a hub for those working toward the professionalization of management and is focused on:

Building collaboration among the various entities involved
Providing the necessary tools for corporations, academic institutions, organizations, and individuals to encourage sustainable change through the integration of the oath and its concepts
Continuing to cultivate thought leadership and discussion surrounding the role of business, business education, and responsible management